The beatbearing build

After learning the arduino microcontroller platform, Ive been looking for the prefect project to incorperate it into. With my love of music (enjoying, and creating), and technology, I’ve decided to work on building the beatbearing. (

I’m living in the Mississauga, Ontario Canada area and have been lucky enough to find all the required parts locally.

All the wire and electronics were purchased from sayal electronics on Mathison ave. Although I had to order the multiplex chips they came in only two days. I had ordered the arduino long ago from the robot shop based out of Montreal. What ever you do do not goto home depot for your acrilic, far to over priced, I was able to find some cheap at a local plastic wearhouse. The ball bearings I have are 11/16 as they are the closest I could find to 20mm, and I bought them from Canadian Bearing on Drew rd. I plan to purchase the washers, nuts & bolts from Bolts Plus on Torbram rd. Although I’m going to have to figure something out for the solder tabs.

~ by jsavaglio on May 7, 2009.

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